Sunday, October 2, 2011

Forex Inveting Two Important Rules

One important thing that every new entrepreneur should know before entering this highly profitable company is that life is not perfect, if you are in business of Forex it's necessary to know that you losing trades .

Each trader  is a faithful trader is at the end of the day, add more wins than losses. And if you know  without a doubt, yes, you really are in business to lose, do not keep losing money  just to  prove  that you are right or your rules are wrong.

All traders face  you can not turn a donkey in a Ferrari. You can not change a zebra belt and you can not turn chicken shit to chicken salad. The best trades are usually "right" immediately techniques, rules, methods and strategies.

Remember that people were trading in the markets of 160 marketers know that it will be more commercial let.Intelligent. Reduce the mixture loses short and the winning position.

2.The not trade forex without placing stop loss orders.

If you place a order, right along the order entry station with its online store, you just automatically prevented a potential loss of "service" too far.

Before starting the activity, if you have not realized how much you would be wrong and will want to cut their losses, or at least, reevaluate your position from the button, then you should put the company first.

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