Friday, June 17, 2011

Six Steps to Success in Forex

Step 1 Choose an online Forex Firm
What are you looking for an online Forex Firm:

1st Low spreads.
In Forex Trading the 'spread' is the difference between bid and
The sales price for each currency pair. The lower the spread saves
dealer money. Most firms offer 4-5 pip spreads in the Major
Currency pairs. The best companies offer clients 3-5 pips.

2nd Low minimum account openings.
For those who are new to the industry and for those who do not
Thousands of dollars in venture capital to trade, to open
Mini trading account with only $ 200 is a great feature for new

3rd Instant automatic execution of your orders.
This is very important when choosing a Forex firm. To immediately
To view your orders and the price and "click" is the price
You should get. Do not settle for a company that you re-quotes when
At a price or a firm price for the "drop", then made possible. This is
very important when trading for small profits.

4th Free mapping and engineering analysis
You need a company that gives you the best mapping and technical access
Analysis available to active traders. The company I recommend is
Customers free professional mapping services and even allows traders
Trade directly on the charts!

5th High leverage
You want high leverage-the ability to deliver a large volume with a small trade
Margin Deposit. Some of the best firms offer .25% or 400:1 leverage.

6th Hedging Capability
They want the flexibility to open positions in the same currency pair in
opposite directions without them eliminating each other, and without
Increasing margin!

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