Friday, June 17, 2011

Forex strategy

System strategy used by professional trader

1. System name : Daily swing
Time Frame : 15 and 30 minute
Indicator : EMA 5
EMA 10
RSI 14
Stochastic 10,3,3

Buy signal if : EMA 5 Cross over and above EMA 10
RSI must above 50
Stochastic Turned up

Sell signal if : EMA 10 Cross over and above EMA 5
RSI must <50> 50
MACD Crossed and must >0

2. System name : MACD strategy
Time frame : 5 minut dan 15 minut
Indicator : WMA 5
WMA 13
Slow stochastic 8,3,3
RSI 13
MACD 3,34,7

Buy signal if : WMA 5 cross over and above WMA 13
stochastic turned up
RSI > 50
MACD Crossed and must >0

Sell signal if : WMA 13 cross over and above WMA 5
Stochastic turned down
RSI <50>
MACD and histogram intersection <0 3 System Name: chandlestick strategy, did you just chart can tell you when to buy and sell with simple clicks. When I look I look thr chandlestick table, if the card is upward, and this trend will be advertised. the chandlestick show you the pattern. only 3-chandler you can buy or sell before telling your ad. If you want the strategy to understand you and to save, use your memory to some of the patterns. chandlestick download e-book e-book download area. enjoy ....... All trading strategy to make profit if you use discipline, this strategy because decipline is a key to being a succses have. 4th This strategy was essential strategy to avoid using too tehnical analysis, but the fundamental analysis used alone. This strategy is useful only if the message is that this message may be changes in the market (basic message) to do. News has two prospeck good and bad news. But that message is one you have been given good news. The first step is that you can read messages from the currency in which you shop. For example, USD rural America, you must read, an American news. Bloomberg, forex factory, and the other is a site that you have some news (Forex Calendar / routine news) have on that day. But you must understand that news, bad news or good news for the Currence. the same function of moving messages to the market, you can download at this point in the download area. but the small buttons are: 1 Interse second rate Unemployment Reports 3rd 4th Fed Speeches Consumer Price Index (CPI) 5 Gross domestic product (GDP) 6 monetary 7th Treasury Budget eighth Producer Price Index (PPI) 9 Retail 10th Internatonal Trade

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